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Rotor segment engine
The apex of a triangle in contact with a racetrack traces out a recognizable four-leaf clover as it rotates. The shape of the racetrack in its mathematical form has been US patented, No 6,718,938 B2.

Hinged rotary engineThe racetrack forms the engine casing inside which the engine segments rotate. 


  • Four chamber Szorenyi rotary first run under its own power 26 February 2008
  • SAE Paper 2017-10-2413 presented at Beijing Conference 17 October 2017
  • SAE Book "So You Want to Design Engines: UAV Propulsion Systems" featuring the Szorenyi Engine published in 2018
  • Three chamber rotary concept developed in 2018
  • Popular Mechanics article January 2019


  • Three segment rotor
  • Internal combustion - Otto cycle
  • Centre-line drive shaft, perfectly balanced rotor assembly
  • Peripheral inlet and exhaust ports – no valving
  • Higher apex seal efficiency than a Wankel rotary engine
  • Multi-fuel capability - gasoline, natural gas, aviation kerosenes, diesel, hydrogen 
  • Three power strokes per crank shaft revolution


  • Motor vehicles
  • Light aircraft and UAVs
  • Portable generator sets
  • Motor bikes

The Three Chamber Rotary Engine    

'A new concept in rotary engine technology.'

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